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Cyber-hacked thoughts of a psychopath...

Blank Phoenix
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"Blank is beautiful!"

Greetings. You seem to have found yourself at my private journal. It is pointless to befriend me here. Honestly, if I didn't send you here, you have no real reason to even be here. It's nothing against you, honestly... whoever you are... I just don't have time to deal with "he said, she said" drama anymore. I write what I want to write, and I'm tired of hearing "You shouldn't have written that!" It's my zarkin' journal, I'll do what I want.

So... to shut everyone up... I have this journal, this private "No Terrans Allowed" journal.

(And don't ask "Well, why do you have two friends?!" Those two are special. They don't criticize my thoughts.)

Wanna talk to me? Find me on MySpace (XandrenaPhoenix) or on Pogo (blankphoenix)... I don't actually come here that often anymore.