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16 March 2007 @ 04:30 am
New Journal!  
I am Blank Phoenix. Blank is beautiful!

I have been a member on LifeJournal for many, many years. I have had the names Lorikan, Hidden_Enigma, PhoenixRenegade, XandrenaPhoenix, and TwilightAurora. I unfortunately deleted Lorikan a while back, for reasons I still haven't figured out. My other journals are still in existance so I can go back and read my older entries. One day I'll archive everything.

I have made many attempts to find old friends as well as make new friends on LifeJournal. I have been a member of multiple communities, taken part in user pic creation and contests, written fanfiction, and tried my best to keep in touch with people.

I recently decided I needed a private journal, a way to get in touch with myself without worrying about other people reading my entries. I might share this journal with others one day, but I doubt it. For now, I will take myself off the radar for a while.

I decided on the name Blank_Phoenix for a few reasons. One, blank is beautiful. Remember that (... for those of you that are clueless, watch Max Headroom). Two, it pretty much describes how I feel these days.

There's been a lot of things in my life that have contributed to who I am today. To put it all in a short timeline, I came to America when I was a chyld, my parents divorced and remarried early in my life, I ran away at the age of 16, spent many years homeless on the streets of many states, relocated to Massachusetts in 2000, back to California in 2004, and back to Massachusetts in 2005. My stepfather is an alcoholic, and my mother is a workaholic. My father is a genius, and my stepmother is dedicated. My brother is spoiled. But I love him.

That about sums it all up. In time, I will write entries about events in my past, as well as current events. I write when I feel like it. I rant, rave, complain, bitch, create, wonder, remember, contemplate, and theorize.

But you get to see none of that. Why? Because this is a Private Journal. This is the only entry you will probably ever see.

1. Goth Dave (for making death threats when I refused to financially support his drug habit)
2. XiM (for being a back-stabber and a free-loader, and for turning Dave into a drug dealer)
3. Laurie (for being a dead-beat mother and abandoning her daughter so she could sleep on the streets with her ex-lover that she claimed had physically and emotionally abused her)
4. Kellie (I have my reasons...)